"Bridge of Doom” Tested at North American Champs for AC Endeavour O’pen

Eighty O’pen BICs participated in the North American Championships hosted by Sarasota Youth Sailing, March 17-19. Beautiful conditions allowed the completion of 14 races and the O’pen BIC Freesty...

America’s Cup Endeavour O’pen BIC Course Location

Check out this rendering of the O’pen BIC course location during The Half Time Show between Race One and Race Two of the America’s Cup Finals, June 17.

Nine North Americans Selected for the America’s Cup

Five young men and four young lady O’pen BIC Sailors, age 15 and younger, have now been selected to represent North America in the America’s Cup Endeavour O’pen in Bermuda June 15-18.

Saki Nukui and Kazuki Sasaki selected for the AC Endeavour O'pen

Congratulations to Japan and the first two sailors officially selected for the AC Endeavour O'pen!

America’s Cup Endeavour O’Pen in Bermuda

O’pen BIC is pleased to announce the America’s Cup Endeavour O’pen in Bermuda, June 15-18, 2017, held in conjunction with the 35th America’s Cup Finals.