Nine North Americans Selected for the America’s Cup

Five young men and four young lady O’pen BIC Sailors, age 15 and younger, have now been selected to represent North America in the America’s Cup Endeavour O’pen in Bermuda June 15-18.
The nine fortunate North American representatives join the twenty-three other sailors from around the world who will be The Half Time Show between Race One and Two of the AC Finals, June 17. Selected from the 80 O’pen BICs participating in the North Americans at Sarasota Youth Sailing March 17-19 are Bryce Tone (FL), Gavin Ball (HI), Marcos Baez (HI), Catherine Perez (HI), Kanoa Pick (HI), and J.J. Smith (FL) who automatically qualify as the top six overall. Caroline Locke (FL) and Karina Zaleski (CT) also qualify as the next two young ladies. Kelly Holthus (CA) was randomly drawn from the top thirty places for the ninth spot headed to Bermuda.