Bryce Tone

Home town: Bradenton, FL
Home sailing club: Sarasota Youth Sailing Program
Sailing achievements: 1st place 2017 O'pen Bic North Americans
US National Team 3 years Optimist
1st Place Junior Olympic Regatta Ft. Myers Florida 2014-2016
2nd Place Team Racing South Americans 2016
1st Place 420 SAISA (High School) Open 2017.
When did you start sailing?: When I was 5
What other sports do you participate in?: Surfing
Who is your favorite sports star?: Jamie O'brien
What is your favorite thing about the O’pen BIC?: It's fun
What is your personal goal in sailing?: Sail in the Olympics and America's Cup
What excites you most about sailing?: Being on the water
If you had one super power to help your sailing, what would it be?: Control the wind
Who do you want to win the America’s Cup?: Oracle USA