Jacopo Cavagna

Home town: RIMINI
Home sailing club: CLUB NAUTICO RIMINI
Sailing achievements:
1st male U16 national Italian regatta (3 times)
5th male U16 european regatta in Arco
1st male U16 national ranking list ecc.
When did you start sailing?: 9 years old.
What other sports do you participate in?: Athletic, swimming.
Who is your favorite sports star?: Tom Slingsby!
What is your favorite thing about the O’pen BIC?: I love the friendly and wonderful ambience created by O'pen Bic's sailors.
What is your personal goal in sailing?: Sailing at the Olympic Games.
What excites you most about sailing?: Tactics.
If you had one super power to help your sailing, what would it be?: To influence the weather.
Who do you want to win the America’s Cup?: Oracle Team USA!