J.J. (Jessica) Smith

Home town: Palmetto, Florida
Home sailing club: Sarasota Youth Sailing
Sailing achievements: 6th overall, O’pen BIC North Americans 2017
3rd Sonar, St. Petersberg NOOD 2017, Skipper;
3rd BIC, US Sailing Jr. Olympics, Jensen Beach, FL
3rd US Opti sailor, Nieuwpoortweek, Belgium 2016

When did you start sailing?: 7 years old
What other sports do you participate in?: Mini Triathlons
Who is your favorite sports star?: Ricky Doerr (Paralympic Sonar silver medalist)
What is your favorite thing about the O’pen BIC?: Dry flipping is fun!
What is your personal goal in sailing?: Skipper of an America’s Cup boat
What excites you most about sailing?: Working hard to get and stay in the front of the fleet.
If you had one super power to help your sailing, what would it be?: A magical wind diagram that accurately predicted the wind on the course.
Who do you want to win the America’s Cup?: Oracle!